Heat Online is free-to-play. No need to create an account now, you can do so later within the game. Download the latest installer from or the Alternate Downloader below.

Note: Some browsers do not show the Download links correctly. To download the installer from Gamershell, click on the first picture or on "Download from Gamershell".

For using the alternate Downloader, click the picture with "Alternate Download"

Download  from Gamershell



1. Run the installer


2. License agreement

Read and Accept the EULA if you want to continue.


3. Installing the game


4. Finish

Click Finish to close the installer.



5. Start the game

Double click on the HEAT Online icon on your desktop.

The game may check for updates and download them to your computer automatically. Wait until it's finished.


6. The game may install other Windows applications


And finally.. click the Big Red Button!


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