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Let's see the detailed car list of HEAT Online!


Class 1

Corus S3

2 door hatchback front wheel drive car. The best car to experience the real driving in Heat Online.

Free starter car.



Kawana K-660

Don't be fooled by the subcompact Kawana K-660's cute form. It has monster handling skills.




Lion Executive Sedan

A sedan with stable power and handling, aimed at beginners. But, tune it up to destroy the competition.

Free starter car.


Miyato Wizz

A family style FF drive car. Yet, it is suitable enough for racing. Great for beginners.

Free starter car.


C-Racer 4x4

A classic 4WD SUV with powerful torque.




Class 2

Hexan GT

This car is a low class sporty, stylish RWD with high tuning potential.



Corall Spire

This little car was the hot hatch weapon of '84. It featured a lot of astounding gems, like the 101 HP 1.3 litre naturally aspirated twin cam engine. Such performance has never been achieved before. This car is a good performance tuning base if you need a nippy FWD hatchback.



Quadro SF-6

Elder brother of the Quadro SD-T5. This model uses the same drive-train, but a stronger V6 engine.





Class 3


This is a remarkable Thunder Alley car from the 70's. This is only a basic category car with easy handling.




Ranger 4x4

This old style 4x4 is one of the most off-road trial capable road vehicles. The Ranger 4x4 is well known and beloved for its high ground clearence and very good drive-train. The rigid ladder frame setup provides great flex stress resistance yielding predictable handling on any rough terrain.



Cobra Coupe

The standard Coupe is the sporty version of the Cobra sports car. Perfect chassis dynamics and modern electronics like Trail Braking Control and Seamless Torque Transfer System help you enjoy the perfect racing line even at the margin.


Corus R4 GTC

You can put this compact 4WD coupe to the test on any surface, the car will perform great. Handling is predictable and there's lot of power and high top speed available.




Very powerful 4WD monster. Advised for hardcore SUV fans who can bear the high body weight.





Class 4


A true Thunder Alley stock car from the 90's. It's middle category, faster than Rookie but harder to handle.





Mid-class RWD car with high performance capacity even in stock state.






Old school torque monster from '68. Highly tunable, easily driftable, and smooth on the eye. Everybody would like to drive one.





Class 5

Buggy Evo II

A buggy with explosive acceleration. This buggy eats up bad terrain. It's light, but tough to control. For professionals.




Buy this car and find an explosive steed under the hood. Never mind the high body weight, you'll never lack speed or power in this car.




Spiedo Forte

The Spiedo Forte is one of the most underestimated rally-bred car models in history. Even the street version is so powerful and agile that it can easily compete with the higher classes of today.





A great stock car from this decade. The Intimidator represents the top category amongst Thunder Alley cars. Strong and fast but watch out for the handling.





Class 6

Cobra RS Coupe

The RS Coupe is the ultimate road racing version of the originally perfect Cobra sports car. Besides the racey suspension an extra 110 HP and 100 kg weight loss improves handling and performance in this package.



Panama GT

Do you like speeding? Want a car with lightning acceleration? Choose the Panama. Agile and very strong car that scares your opponents even in stand still. Look out for it's unusual handling style.





Class 7


When you want a car that combines sleek design and high performance, the Morello S-Type certainly deserves a look. 411 HP blended with only 1255 kg makes this super aerodynamic piece of art fly over 320 km/h. This car is the ultimate street weapon.





The Dominator lives up to its name; it's faster, stronger, and more brual than the Intimidator, or any other Thunder Alley car.




Class 8


Driving the Thunder is like nothing else you have seen so far. This Thunder Alley car is the closest you will get to the gods of oval racing.





Corus WGT





Wizz WGT





Hexan HPI






Stallion Toxico






Stallion Falcon












Puppy Forklift

















Marshall GT